Himalayan Sandstone Tiles

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Direct Importers of Premium Quality Himalayan Sandstone Tiles and Pavers, Largest Range – Immediate Delivery on the Gold Coast


Natural Himalayan Sandstone Tiles Byron Bay, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Mackay

Sandstone Tiles available in 15mm Thickness
400x400x15mm Natural Himalayan Sandstone / quartz tiles, these are to be laid on concrete, perfect for patios, pool surrounds, driveways and much, much more. When choosing natural stone, it is advisable to view your natural stone in the crates, as it was originally packed.
500x500x15mm Natural Himalayan Sandstone/quartz tiles, to be laid on concrete. Graeme La Roche, a pioneer in the natural stone industry and the first direct importer to bring in calibrated Himalayan sandstone tiles. With over 50 years in the Natural stone industry, as a layer and importer, this was a natural step forward with all others to follow soon after.
600x600x15mm Natural Himalayan Sandstone/quartz. These larger natural sandstone tiles will make your house a special place for all your guests. Natural Himalayan Sandstone/quartz creates a warmth like no other natural stone available on today's World Wide market.
600x400x15mm Natural Himalayan Sandstone/quartz. For the modern-day renovator, choosing the right product for the correct application is not taken lightly. The same applies when you are purchasing from our sandstone quarries. Sandstone Works Gold Coast has been a direct importer of premium quality Himalayan sandstone/quartz right here on the Gold coast for over 25 years.
600x300x15mm Natural Himalayan Sandstone tiles, to be laid on concrete. Sandstone Works Gold Coast has been the main supplier of premium quality natural Himalayan sandstone tiles, pavers and pool coping in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Mackay and New South Wales for over 25 years, making us the foremost authority in the natural stone industry.

Cape Town Gold Sandstone / Quartz Tiles:

Cape Town Gold Tiles : 400x400x15mm, 500x500x15mm, 600x600x15mm,600x400x15mm,600x300x15mm.
400x400x15mm calibrated Cape Town Gold tiles to be laid on concrete. Sandstone Works Gold Coast has been supplying Premium Quality Himalayan sandstone/quartz on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and New South Wales including Sydney for 25 years, for driveways, pool surrounds, patios, wall façade, paving and much, much more.
500x500x15mm calibrated Cape Town Gold sandstone/quartz to be laid on concrete. For a modern look, this size is suitable for most areas. Extra 100mm larger will be provided for areas more than the 400×400. This extra 100mm makes a massive difference on the overall look. With less grout lines, you will find this larger size tile or paver opening up an area creating opulence, which is only achievable using natural stone.
600x600x15mm calibrated Cape Town Gold sandstone/quartz tiles to be laid on concrete. These 600×600 tiles are the largest in our extensive range of sizes and colours and are very popular with the DIY renovator and builders alike. With waste always kept to a minimum, offcuts are also used.
600x300x15mm Cape Town Gold to be laid on concrete, with a rich color and slim design these tiles can give an area the illusion of being bigger than it actually is, creating an opulence that's unrivaled by any other product, they will be laid in a brick or stretcher bond pattern, they can also be utilized with other sizes to create a French pattern, such a versatile product, run your hand over it, ask yourself, is it smooth, if the answer is yes, then it will become slippery, our natural sandstone range has the best slip resistant qualities available.
600x400x15mm Cape Town Gold to be laid on concrete, we have been a major supplier of natural stone right here on the Gold Coast for over 25 years, based at the western end of the famous Carrara Markets, we are a family run and owned business and we service all over Australia from our main yard here in Carrara, we can also do special orders if your willing to wait, our quality is unrivaled as we only deal with one supplier, who in my opinion is the best.


Random calibrated (Crazy) two colours

Natural Himalayan
Cape Town Gold sandstone/quartz.
Calibrated 15mm

Himalayan Sandstone Random/Crazy pave. When purchasing natural stone, it is advisable to view your product in the crates for colour and texture variation. Mother natures gift to us all.

At Sandstone Works Gold Coast, we hold the largest range of HIMALAYAN SANDSTONE on the GOLD COAST, Delivering Sandstones Tiles Pavers Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Mackay. Buy direct from the Importer and save $$$

Random (Crazy Paving) Natural Calibrated

Himalayan sandstone/quartz tiles these can be applied with tile adhesive onto a concrete slab, making laying a breeze. Himalayan sandstone is one of the hardest natural stones available not only in the Australian market the World Wide market, our calibrated Random (crazy paving) is very popular as wall facade, pool surrounds and driveways alike, making this a very versatile product.

Random Crazy Paving

Himalayan sandstone/quartz Pavers approx. 30-40mm, these can be laid on a mortar bed or straight down on road base, this Random Paving (crazy paving) could be perfect for your paving needs.

Random Calibrated 15mm Cape Town Gold sandstone/quartz

To be laid on concrete, directly imported by Sandstone Works Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Mackay, Sunshine Coast perfect for anyone wanting Natural formation (banding) through thier renovated area. We have worked closely with our quarries in India for over 20 years, only over time can a good working relationship be established between quarry owners and suppliers, our quarries in India have the foremost quality control helping Sandstone Works Gold Coast move forward and into the next millennium.