Himalayan Sandstone Pool Surrounds Sydney


Traditional Bullnose Pool Coping Himalayan Sandstone – Natural

Traditional sandstone bullnose, used for pool coping, with a rounded smooth edge, perfect for pool surrounds.

Himalayan Sandstone Pool Surrounds Sydney Gold Coast, Brisbane, Mackay, Sunshine Coast

Himalayan Sandstone Pool Surrounds Sydney, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Mackay

Bevelled Edge Bullnose (5mm Top and Bottom) Himalayan Sandstone – Natural

Himalayan sandstone bevelled edge bullnose, features a subtle 5mm top and bottom bevel, giving you a cushion edge for your pool surrounds.


Dropnose Bullnose

Dropnose bullnose: refurbishing your pool surrounds has never been easier than with dropnose bullnose, modernising your pool with matching surrounds available.

400x400x70/20mm  Traditional Bullnose

Dropnose with the traditional softer edge. perfect for your next pool renovation.

Pool Surrounds Sydney Himalayan Sandstone Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast,


Rebated Bullnose

Rebated sandstone bullnose can be applied to your pool surrounds, one of the hardest natural stones available on the market.

Himalayan Sandstone SYDNEY


Cape Town Gold Sandstone Quartz Rebated Bullnose

Cape Town Gold sandstone/quartz rebated bullnose available in three sizes to suit your pool coping. Pool surrounds also available.

What is Himalayan Sandstone / Quartz ?

Himalayan Sandstone / Quartz are the best for pool surrounds. Sandstone rocks are sedimentary rocks, composed of rounded grains of quartz, and bound together by silica or lime. Sandstone deposits are found mainly in Rajasthan – the only place in India with extensive deposits. They often form in layers. For millions of years, little pieces of earth have been eroded and broken down, worn away by wind and water. These little bits of our earth have been washed downstream, they settled to the bottom of the rivers, lakes, and oceans. Layer after layer of eroded earth is deposited on top of each other. These layers are pressed down more and more over time, until the bottom layers slowly turn into rock, creating what has come to be known as Himalayan sandstone/quartz.