Natural Himalayan Sandstone Pavers and Sandstone Crazy Pavers Sydney Brisbane and Gold Coast

Sandstone Pavers and Sandstone Crazy Pavers Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast are available in various sizes and thickness, choose the sandstone pavers that best suits your project in Sydney, on the Gold Coast or Brisbane

Sandstone Pavers Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed heads, Mackay Sunshine Coast

Hand Cut Sandstone Pavers Natural Himalayan: Hand cut Pavers : 600x600, 600x400, 400x400, approx 30-40mm

Pavers Natural Himalayan Sandstone: 400x400x30mm, 500x500x30mm

Pavers Natural Himalayan Sandstone: 800x400x30mm

Cape Town Gold Sandstone/Quartz Pavers

Cape Town Gold sandstone/quartz pavers, creating a warmth like nothing else, with plenty of natural formation.

Cape Town Gold sandstone / quartz Pavers : 400x400x30mm and 500x500x30mm

Himalayan Natural & Cape Town Gold Hand Cut Sandstone Pavers: Cape Town Gold Handcut Sandstone Pavers:

600×600 600×400 400×400 approx 30-40mm

Sandstone Pavers Sydney and Sandstone Tiles Sydney

The Process

All of our premium quality Sandstone Tiles, Pavers and bullnose, that you see being used in many sites around Australia and in fact the world, including pool surrounds, driveways and many other applications, this process all starts at our quarries in India. Large slabs of Natural Himalayan sandstone are mined from government approved quarries and then trucked to our processing factories, the stone is then split calibrated, sorted and graded into the premium product you will then see at Sandstone Works Gold Coast. Sandstone crazy pavers Brisbane Sydney, Tweed Heads, Mackay, Sunshine Coast.

What is Himalayan Sandstone/Quartz.

Sandstone rocks are sedimentary rocks, composed of rounded grains of quartz, and bound together by silica or lime. Sandstone deposits are found mainly in Rajasthan – the only place in India with extensive deposits. They often form in layers. For millions of years, little pieces of earth have been eroded and broken down, worn away by wind and water. These little bits of our earth have been washed downstream, they settled to the bottom of the rivers, lakes, and oceans. Layer after layer of eroded earth is deposited on top of each other. These layers are pressed down more and more over time, until the bottom layers slowly turn into rock, creating what has come to be known as Himalayan sandstone/quartz.

A Bit About Sandstone Works Gold Coast

Sandstone Works Gold Coast was founded by Graeme La Roche, since then we have been suppliers of Premium Quality Himalayan Sandstone Pavers and Tiles as far south as Canberra and as far north as Townsville, mainly supplying our local market on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern New South Wales, Sydney and all surrounding areas. Being in the natural stone industry for over 50 years as a layer and as an importer is putting you the customer in the unique position of getting    The Right Advise    The Right Price    The First Time, we are not a fly by night operation we are a family run and owned business right here on the Gold Coast for over 30 years.