Sandstone Wall Facade

Look natural with captivating layers

Sandstone Wall Facade: 500x250x25mm Rock Face:

Natural Stone:
Create an opulence in your house without the outrageous price tag, Cape Town Gold Rock Face, Our Sandstone Wall Facade has been imported into Sandstone Works Gold Coast, to transform your brick house into a Natural sandstone house, adding true value only a natural stone can afford, Wall Facade can be adhered the walls of your house, with a minimum of fuss by using our rubber modified adhesive, as you can see in the above photograph, this will give you the fulfilment only Natural stone can allow.

Himalayan Natural & Cape Town Gold Wall Facade

Wall Facade has been around for many years, this particular product will enable you to create something truly spectacular, our wall facade or wall cladding allows you to build a sandstone house on a budget, turn your brick home into a sandstone home and reap the benefits of owning a natural sandstone house, adding great value as well as an enviable appearance available in 500x250x25/10mm, other sizes also available if you want create your own size, only the limit of your imagination can stop you.